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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 21, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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them in the election, but they needed 60 votes. that needed at least one republican to crossover and the democrats got none in this mostly party line vote. >> i stand here today on two good legs again as a proud gay marine. >> democrats rolledout their big guns. eric alva, one of the first u.s. warriors badly hurt in the iraq war. >> someone who served in battle along with all the marines who knew i was guys, did not matter. >> he got a medical discharge. since don't ask don't tell took effect in 1993, 13,000 men and women have been kicked out of the military. >> it's long pastime to repeal this policy which is both unjust, unamerican and extremely hurtful to the effectiveness the military. >> the republicans blocked a vote. john mccain opposes repeal. >> the senate goes down this
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path we would be ignoring the views of the troops and casting aside the professional military advice given by each of the four serce chiefs. >> before president obama awarded a medal of honor today. the marine he's chosen to keep in command of the corps said don't let gays serve openly yet. >> we're not quite sure what the impact will be on an all volunteer force. >> reporter: a bgger blow ca from susan collins who backs repeal. but not to help democrats win more gay votes. >> now is not the time to play politics simply because an election is looming in a few weeks. >> reporter: this isn't over. democrats are vowing to fight on. they say a majority of u.s. senators and polls indicate most americans back a repeal of don't ask, don't tell. live from the hill, steve handlesman, doran, jim, back to you. >> thank you, steve.
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nine american servicemen were killed today when a helicopter crashed in afghanistan. it happened in the zabel province. the taliban immediately claimed responsibility for the crash, but nato officials say there were no reports of any hostile fire in the area. as of today, this has been the deadliest year for u.s. forces in the war there that began back in 2001. 351 americans have been killed this year. police want to know who shot a woman in greenbelt this afternoon, it happened about 2:30 at an apartment complex in the 8500 block of greenbelt road. the victim is said to be a woman in her 40s, it appears she was trying to escape her attacker but was shot in the hallway. the victim was pronounced dead a short time later at a local hospital. police are looking for a young man they say stabbed and robbed a man in broad daylight.
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it happened this morning at a strip mall in manassas. two men attacked him. officers arrested one suspect but the other is still out there. pat kohlcollins is in manassas the latest. >> reporter: the victim a 59-year-old man suffering from muiple stabwounds, tonight they say he's in stable condition but this could have been much, much worse. >> at the canterbury village shopping center, it was anything but business as usual this morning. a stabbing and robbery here has shop keepers on edge. >> it's kind of scary hearing that. >> make you a little nervous, does it? >> yeah. >> and i'm a combat veteran. >> i see people that look into my car, no loeng park back there, i have my car parked in the front of the shop.
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>> scary back there? >> pretty scary. >> a property appraiser is out taking pictures of the building. approached by two young men. they say, give me your camera, gi me ur money. he says what? that wasn't the answer they were looking for. they knock him to the ground they begin kicking him and beating him. they stab him a number of times in the stomach. things would have don't far worse had it not been for some people driving into work blasteding the hoblasted i blasting the horns of their cars, scaring the spects away. >> i think they scared them and broke it up. >> the hking of the horns stopped the men? >> that's correct. >> reporter: i talked to the shopping center property manager by phe. he came to the aid of the victim. >> what did he say happened? >> he said that he was attacked
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by two men, and at first he didn't realize he was stabbed. then they took his camera, his cell phone and he gave them the cash that he had. >> one suspect is under arrest. police say he's 15 years old, another suspect still at large tonight. there's a plan to install security cameras at this shopping center in about a week. doreen, back to you. >> patollins reporting from anassas, thank you. a young woman from our area who was hit by a car over the weekend has died. police say natasha pettigrew died early this morning. she was hit on sunday, hit by an suv while she was riding her bike early suny morning on landover roa in largo. the driver told police she did not realize she had hit anyone until she got home and found the
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bike still lodge under her vehicle. that's when they called the police. at this point police have not charged the driver in the case. transportation officials say distracted drivers are killing too many people. a national summit was held today here in washington to come up with ways to do something about that. the government says it will require a network of tougher laws police enforcement and personal responsibility to make sure the drivers keep their eyes on the road. last year more than 5,000 people were killed, half a million others were injured because of distracted drivers. one of the biggest culprits they say, was texng while driving. >> everybody has a cell phone. people think they can use them wherever they're at, including behind the wheel of a car. and we just need to convince people you can't be safe when you have a cell phone or blackberry in your hand. >> d.c. police were out all
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along looking for drivers texting while they were behind the wheel. 30 states and the district now ban that practice, there's a push now for a national ban. he rematch betwefor governor neck and neck. >> reporter: governor ehrlich challenged o'malley. the new poll shows democratic governor martin owe mally with a slim lead, to republican ehrlich's 47%. but a 4% margin of error, means it's a virtual tie. >> an incumbentin the bluest of the blue state in adead heat is in trouble. >> until now, both bob ehrlich and governor o'malley have been spending their tv ad dollars
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baltimo but now their attention turns to the washington suburbs and our media market. >> martin o'malley first local tv ad puts education first. >> we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood. i know that we must do even better. >> to have improved our schools, reduced crime since 1975. to have a rate of job creation that's twice what the rest of the nation is doing, are all good stories we need to tell. >> he will cut taxes and create jobs, his campaign will wait to spend its money on tv ads here, the republican governor's association is ying to get ehrlich on tv now. >> a 20% sales tax hike. >> jennifer duffy is the senior editor of the cook political report. >> it's interesting in a the republican governor's association has gone up in a
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blue state like maryland with six weeks to go in the general election. it's a sign to me that they believe that martin o'malley is beable. >> the governor's race may set new reports for spending in a maryland election, and the rematch is gaining national tention. as an indicator of how democrats, moderates and independents will vote. chris gordon, news 4. coming up, a woman who told police she s attacked with acid has gone from being considered a victim to a suspect. a surveillancecamera appears to catch a pet owner abandoning his dog. bed bugs creeping on to the pages of the books at a local library. somebody hacked into bitter today spreading viruss to unsuspecting users. temperatures near 80 degrees, plenty of sunshine. mother nature is not letting summer end without one more big time heat coming in.
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nick backstrom on expectations for this season, also a monday night showdown between the 49ers and the saints. and the redskins make a shocking move at running back, news 4 at 6
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a wom in washington state who admitted to splasng acid on her own face is now facing challees. bethany storro is in a hospital, but prosecutors say she's going to be arrested. three weeks ago she claimed she was the victim of a vicious acid attack, she sd a black woman aacked her and threw aci in her face. police reports say storro wanted to kill herself, if that didn't work, she wanted a new face. many people in the community donated nearly $30,000 to help pay her medical bil. storro's patients pledged to get
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their daughter some help. in britain, authorities a trying to track down guy who abandoned and may have mistreated his dog. he's later seen getting back into his car and driving off while the dog limps after him. a witness reported the incident to animal control officials to say the dog was in bad shape when they found her. >> he was essentially carrying, because it couldn't walk, his nails were that long. they had t cut the dogs nails before it could walk. >> i didn't think anybody could do this sort of thing. they would jus drive off and leave this poor dog there. especially one that got to know the dog. >> the kennel named the dog ginger. they've received calls from all over the united kingdom who are willing to give ginger a new and proper home.
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breaking news out of montgomery village. investigators are investigating a townhouse fire, at 9838 brook ridge court. firefighters rescued a woman who was stranded on the second story, the blaz began in the kitchen of the home, there's no word on whethe anybody was seriously hurt. another economic indicator has exceeded expectations. housing starts surged last month, well beyond what economists were forecasting, in the meantime, the federal reserve also hinted it would do whatever necessary to help americans geback on their feet. >> rorter: the figures for housing starts last month were expected to go up, but not like this. construction on new homes sored 10.5%. an obvious good sign for those who follow the real estate market. >> we think the bad news is in for housing, not that it's going to get much better quickly, but we do think we're putting in the bottom in housingight now.
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>> much of the dramatic increase was in multifamily construction like condos and apartments, instead of single family homes. the news on housing was followed by the federal reserve deciding to hold off on any new steps rejuvenate the economy and help create jobs on the hope the economy may still heal itself. >> ultimately they set the backdrop in terms of financial conditions that are positive for growth, and, of course, we had seen an improvement in the labor market, it's been disappointing. but we've seen positive job groh. >> the fed did lower expectations about growth this year and next and said it's prepared to provide new relief if necessary. chris clack a.m., nbc news. the fed's announcement gave stocks a bit of a boost. the dow closed at 10761. the nasdaq slipped 6 points to close at 2349 and the s&p 500 was down 3 points.
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somebody hacked into the twitter website. users were getting pop-up windows this morning. some of those windows have malicious code that could take over poorly protected computers. robert gibbs was one of the thousands of users of this attack. the problem appeared to affecting only the actual twitter site not mobile phones. the website has n returned to normal. coming up a top secret mission blasts off into space. >> doug returns to give us a full look at the forecast. ♪ creative librarians are singing away their sorrows over the bad economy.
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zero, and litoff of the united launch alliance, at las five rocket. >> a rocket carrying classified payload was launched om a central california air force base monday night. they're delivering a satellite to the national reconnaissance office. no details on the satellite's orbit. >> here we are in 2010 and you system get -- >> you wantt to be clearer? >> yeah. >> i don't know, you can still hear the count prty clearly. >> okay. >> it's the mystique of it all. >> maybe. >> it's exciting looking at night, especially. >> i'm sure. some of those launches are spectacular. i saw a couple of them down in florida when i was down there. they're amazing. going to be a great night tonit. the view of jupiter as well as the moon.
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a great night here as well. here's this guy going into the untain. >> is he going in? >> he was and thenhis mother said, let's get you out of here. a beautiful shot earlier this afternoon. plenty of blue skies, we're going to see nothing but clear excise overnightonight. low was 56, some areas woke up to temperatures in the lower 40s this morning. definitely felt like fall with that cool start. but a beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine. we stand right now at 79 degrees, dewpoints at 54. humidity at 42%, wds out of the south at 10 miles per hour what a gorgeous day, i tell you what, this ithe last full day of summer, tomorrow ll does officially begin at 11:09 you're not going to notice it with the temperatures. 82 in culpepper, look back to the south and west.
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this was the air we had over us during the day today. 69 in boston, that's wre our cool air from this morning came from. but this is the air we're going to get into tomorrow. memphis right no at 96 degrees, 91 in cincinnati, i saw one area to the west of cincinnati near 96 and that heat is going to make its way our way during the day tomorrow. it's all because of our area of high pressure which right now is giving us plenty of sunshine. a frontal boundar which is bringing severe weather back toward parts of indiana, ilimas well. that will continue to make its way back to the south and east. in betwe you get that squeeze play, that squeeze is bringing in that very hot air from southwest, we're going to see tempetures tomorrow into the lower 90s in most locations. i think thursday around the 90 degree mark, but friday, even warm wert high temperature of 93. that's what i'm forecasting. i thk some areas could be
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upwards of 94, 95, maybe 96 degrees. the good news is, wre not talking about that humidity that's going to be out there. this is not going to be what we saw earlier this year, with all of those hot and humid days. this evening, clear skies just gorgeous, sun set tonight 7:07. 73 to 80 degrees. winds out of the south at 5 to 10. the winds will start to shift as we make our way into the morning tomorrow. clear skies not as cool tonight. temperatures in the 50s in the suburbs, winds still out of the south, but bytomorrow, those shift more out of the southwest, that's what's going to help to warm us up. partly sunny, summer definitely trying to hang on here. 88 to 92 degrees as we make our way through the day tomorrow. once again, tomorrow is the last day of summer. today's the last full day. summer will end tomorrow night at 11:09. that's not what mother nature heard, mother nature said, let's keep this heat streak going.
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91 on thursday, 93 frida saturday in the 80s after another cold front comes through. then we set up something for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> something? >> a littlehazy. this could be what we need. we need to see some rain, right now with the chance of rain both sunday and monday. looking at some of the computer models, this could be something that we really need. and that's a lot of rain. and it could be happening all day sunday into all day monday. it could be a pretty big storm. we'd like to see it not on sunday. but right now, we need all the rain we can get. >> we'll take what we can get. >> we'll do the same here for you this weekend. we could see a lot of rain. coming up, a teacher at an elite d.c. private school has avoided jail time after being charged with sexually abusing a minor. a virginia chiropractor pleaded guilty to steroid charges. local kindergarteners struck a pose for a special tribute.
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i'm jane watrell, there is a bed bug alert. i'll have the story coming pup. coming up in sports, the redskins release a probowl rung back. also, it's a monday night showdown between the 49ers and saints.
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a library drop box has become infested with bed bugs. now book worms are keeping their eyes open and making sure more worms don't pop up. >> they were first discovered inside a children'sbook at the urbana library in frederick county, maryland. officials are waging an aggressive campaigno make sure the bugs don't spread. >> reporter: in the urbana library, insects are popular. from the giant ladybug to the mov movie, but now there's a sign warning patrons of a bed bug
6:30 pm
alert. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: on friday morning, a staff member going through books noticed some unwanted insect s turning up inside the book drop. incredibly fortunate that our staff member used to work in a hotel and had received training if what to look for as far as that kind of bug. she knew what it was right away. >> there were four to six bed bugs like these inside a children's book. library officials quickly decide they were no match for bed bugs. they called pest control experts who told them to take the books and put them inside this van. the van was parked a short distance from the library and locked with about 200 books and the bed bugs inside. experts say ty plan to bake out their pests. >> the temperature needs to reach 120 degrees for 30 minutes. and we have installed special temperature gauges in the truck, and i'm not sure ifwe reached
6:31 pm
that yet. i know we're close to it. >> reporter: in the meantime, the library has been fumigated twice as a precaution. with patrons unconcerned at the small scale infestation. >> theyad exterminators. they showed me what they did to find out the problem and eradicate it. i'm okay with that. >> the stink bugs are bad enough. yes, i hope they have them all gone and it was a freak thing. >> library officials hop the bed bugs are a freak thing as well. as a precaution, all eight frederick county libraries along th their book mobiles and trucks have beenreated by exterminators. jane watrell news 4. >> the book drop is scheduled to reopen tomorrow. toh economy has given some librarians in stafford county, virginia a reason to dance. the staff at the regional library says it's being forced to do more with less money than ever. but instead of sulking, they're
6:32 pm
singing and it's getting them national attention. ♪ >> another day at the library, huh? ♪ ♪ when the budget was first slashed ♪ >> reporter: these are librarians like you've never seen them before. >> people have an image of librarians as if we're not like ordinary people, but we are. >> reporter: caroline parr along with dozens of her co-workers from all eight branchs of the regional library put together this over the top remake of gloria gayner's "i will survive". >> my friends and family have seen it, theyll like it. they're noturprised i'm acting goofy again. ♪ >> reporter: but this goofy reition has an underlying message. the librarians say in this current economic climate. libraries around the country are having to do more with less.
6:33 pm
>> how are we going to get through this? we've had cuts to hours, our book budget has been slashed. we're busier than ever, how will we survive? it just came to us i will survive. >> reporter: when this video was posted on youtube, it was intended for librarians and others in ts community. in just over a wek, it's received 35,000 hits and comments from people around the world. >> it's on chinese, hungarian, swedish websites. it's been very gratifying. >> reporter: shawn is the mastermind behind theshelves, shooting, editing and wring the script for this librarian manifesto. >> it was much easier than you might expect. the librarians i wrk with are amazingly professional, but they're also very personable and very enthusiastic about libraries and thei jobs. >> in fredericksburg news 4. >> now i know you're wondering
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how you can see the full music video, go to our webse, just search library i will survive. a long tim teacher at the sidwell friends school in northwestashington was sentenced today on charges involving a sex abuse case. robert peterson is h name, he lives in silver spring. he was sentenced to five years probation, no jail time. montgomery county prosecutors said it was part of a plea deal to spare the victim from having to testify in court. that accord together washington postnup. peterson, however, has been fired from sidwell friends and must register as a sex offender. he pleaded guilty to abusing a teenaged boy at his home. in court today he apologized to the victim and to his own family. a former chiropractor who treated profsional athletes in our area will avoid jail time after he pled guilty to drug
6:35 pm
possession charges. douglas nagel was arrested in march. he's a convicted drug dealer in florida. told auorities he brought steroids from him, and then bragged of selling them to nationals and capitols players. today a judge in florida sentenced him to three years probation. he must create a drug counselling program and serve 200 hours of community service. coming up on news 4, researchers ppoint the greatest health and social crisis of our century. an air force chief
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just another beautiful day out there. plenty of sunshine all across the region with a temperature of 80 degre, just about as perfect as you can get. low temperature this morning was 56. some areas woke up to
6:39 pm
temperature 2349z 40s. little bit on the cool side. still a beautiful day, 79 degrees out there right now. humidity at 42%, winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, not nely as cool as it was lt night. winchester, virginia 54. down toward fredericksburg, coming in at 59 degrees overnight tonight. tomorrow, temperatures finally back to around that 90 degree mark. 92 in the district, and right now it looks like 87 degrees in frederick. and it does look like this could be another heat wave. i'll show that you four-day forecast comng up one more time. >> see you in a minute. thank you, doug. dementia is growing into the greatest health and social crisis of our century. alzheimer's disease international estimates there are 35 million people living with the disease worldwide. a quarter of a million of them are living in the u.k. families affected by the disease
6:40 pm
are calling for increased funding for research. coming up tonight at 11:00, new evidence shows that women undertress have a harder time getting pregnant. >> i don't know that i believed that i would ever get pregnant before i came here. >> reporter: it took 4.5 years for tammy brandt to conceive. >> every month that it doesn't work, you're getting more and more stressed. and you're sitting there thinking, now i'm stressed. >> reporter: brandt believed it was all that anxiety that w stopping her from having a successful pregnancy. so she quit her job, started practicing yoga and underwent acupuncture. now for theirst time, scientists have found evidence that stress can delay pregnancy. >> we found one biomarker in particular significantly reduces
6:41 pm
the probability of perception every day during the fertile window while women were attempting to get pregnant. >> find out how reducing stress could help couples get pregnant tonight at 11:00. chief master sergeant richarlloyd etchburger was killed in vietnam back in 1968. today he was posthumously awarded the medal of honor for gallantry in battle above and beyond duty. he was part of a small group selected for classified mission. they ran a secret radar station on a mountain top in laos. president obama told the rest of the stor on march 11th, 1968 the radar station was overrun by enemy fighters. soon he was the oly american in his position who had not been killed or severely wounded. he had fought off the advancng fighters and protected the
6:42 pm
wounded survivors. finally a rescue helicopter arrived. one at a time, he loaded the wounded on to the chopper, each time he did it, he placed himself in the line of fire. he was the last one off the mountain. the helicopter was leaving the battlefield when it was hit with gunfire. etch billi etchburger was killed. because the missi was classified his sons did not know the true measure of their father's heroism for many years. but they found out today. >> quite a story. >> good for them. it is indeed. coming up in sports, a costume fan can't quite make the getaway onhe baseball field in philly. also, the saints lose a key player and the redskins say good-bye to former probowl running back larry johnson
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larry johnson is 33? that is old for a running back. >> when you look at the average is 3 to 4 years in the league. pretty impressive for him. he was not quite there with his role in the redskins offense. he doesn't have to worry about that any longer. the redskins relsed him this afternoon. they needed to make a roster move in preparation to face the rams. johnson has been struggling so far this season. he carried the ball five times for two yards over the first two regular season games. while the redskins had a spectacular day passing sunday. the rushing attack did not come
6:46 pm
close to resembling the running game for which mike shanahans with known in denver. the redskins ran the ball 40 times. sunday it yielded a pair of clinton portis one-yard td's. larry johnson a d.c. native struggled to get going in the preseason. it carried over in the first two games. he was pulled from sunday's game after a 10-yard loss in the fourth quarter. he admitted he was trying to get used to that reserve role. today the skins released him, one day after he heaped the blame on himself. >> i tried to make the play as best i could. to go in there and get in in. i take that loss. i was really disappointed for the team to go in there and have to go backwards ten yards at a crucial quarter. it's tough but just gotta learn a little more as far as going into the rn. you get one chance or two
6:47 pm
chances to put your pride aside and do what's best for theteam. >> one thing about the running game, you have to be hitting on all cylinders. a ten-yard game is a two or three yard game. that's what happened throughout the game. we had some possibilities there, penalties. it's something we have to keep working on. >> the redskins will continue to work on that running game with the stable of running backs that include chad simpson that the redskins have added to the roster, also, clinton portis. we'll see if the are any more moves made. >> in order to have a running game, you have to own the line of scrimmage. we don't have that. >> the running game sets up
6:48 pm
everything ele. everything is fine and smoothed over after he got a little fiery in the locker room yestday. yesterday he met with the entire defensive staff, and he expects to be matched up against the number one receivers much more than he has been in the past. moving on elsewhere in the leg. good news and bad news for the new orleans saints. their star running back, reggie bush broke his g. he's expected to miss at least six weeks. good news, was a good game. they spoiled the san francisco comeback bid. monday night football, 49ers hosting the saints. the saints leading 9-7. patient in the pocket sends deep to vernon davis t of maryland for a gain of 41 yards, would set up the 49ers go ahead touchdow frth quarter the saints were
6:49 pm
up 22-19. frank gore takes it in for a 7-yard touchdown. the niners are going for two. alex smith has to perform this season. the play initially called n good. take another look. davis just inside the end zone, the referees review the play and they overturn the ruling. n we are tied at 22, ladies and gentleman. just too much time on the clock for drew brees and the saints. two secon left in t game. garrett hartley kicks the 37-yard field goal. the capitols made a move to secure their future signing tom poti to a two-year extension. they prepa to open the preseason tomorrow night on the road against the columbus blue jackets. the caps are ready to meet expectations after dropping a le in last season's first
6:50 pm
round of the playoffs. one player confident this team had learned from its mistakes is nicholas backstrom, he comes off his first 100 point season. the caps signed him to a teyear $67 million contract in the offseason. the starting line center is really one of the mt vital pieces to the capitols offensive puzzle. as is the sentiment of his teammates, backstrom foun it nearly impossible to get over the shock and disappointment of losing the first round to the canadians. >> i was just staying in my apartment for a couple days and just doing nothing. it was kind of hard. >> do you think that hype and expectations and all that stuff that goe along with it really can hurt a team? i mean, is that something that you guys learned from that process? >> yeah, hopefully. i think. a we have to.
6:51 pm
that's the thing. d i mean even if we're the first to enrolehe regular season, we have to g to the next level, the playoffs, and we have to learn how to play. >> nicholas backstrom truly is the glue that keeps the offense together by the way. ovechkin gets all the glory. >> you guys are eating outside. do people stop? do they know who he is? >> no, it was a lunch segment. every once in a while i'd be asking him a question and he'd go. it was very funny. people, when they see those guys they go nuts. by the way, i want to move to baseball now, the nationals had another rough outing, they fell 8-2 last nightto the astros, in philadelphia, have you to take a look at this. there was a fan on the field, a
6:52 pm
braves fan. matt diaz helped tackle him. he was wearing a red spandex suit wh a red mask. he wasn't paying aention to diaz, he came up from behind tripped him and knocked him down. diaz gets an ovation from the fans. you got a guy running on the field like that in all red, it's got to be kind of freaky? >> they should hurt those people, they have no business being out there. >> i don't think you want to go the taser route. >> that's the athlete's play. let them stay up in the stand where's they belong. coming up, some d.c. coming up, some d.c. students trying right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity.
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and that starts th good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your tim
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nbc 4 and telemuo washington are recognizing
6:56 pm
hispanic heritage month. a special ceremony was held in our studios here on nebraska avenue. high school students were asked to write about why hispanic heritage month was important to them. barbara moria leery took top honor she received aheck for $200. this is the tenth year nbc 4 and lemundo have partneredp for that program. > one more check on our weather? >> great weather today. it looks like it's going to continue. it's going to get on the hot side again. outside right no we're still seeing the sunshine, the sun going down the next 10 to 15 minutes. 79 right now in d.c. here's your four-day forecast. 92 tomorrow, 91 on thursday. there's a slight chance of a shower late tomorrow rning into the day on thursday. that would be a thunderstorm, most of us should remain dry. 93 on friday, 80 on saturday, andwatching out for sunday and monday. we could see rain, a the
6:57 pm
much-needed rain we'll continue to watch it for you. what started as a black history month project at a northwest d.c. chaert school has turned into a wildly popular photography exhibit. >> the photographers and subjects are elementary school students. >> am malcolm x. >> i'm rosa parks. >> reporter: the photography club at butler global chart school, picked a role model, pretended they were the person and started clicking. famous musicians, famous athletes, even a famous local broadcaster. >> jim nantz. >> for monique, her choice was a no-brainer. >> i chose my person because she's aivil war icon. >> reporter: the fifth grader's mother worked with dr. heidt so she saw her awesome. >> it was awesome. she would stop just to say hello
6:58 pm
to me. >> reporter: jania had double inspiration. >> when i grow up, i want to be a basketball player. >> reporter: it wasn't really a game of dressup, before putting on the glasses or grabbing a trump trumpet, the students studied the peopl they admire d. >> i learned that she played the piano, skipped second grade and is 5'11" i liked it when i put on t dress, the coat. >> reporter: dressing like a person you'd like to be one day would have been fun enough. bu there was another part to the project. >> it was fun because i like to hit the button on camera. >> reporter: they were apparently just as comfortable behind the camera as they were in front of it. >> basically all we helpedhem do was to frame the photo. we talked about composition, we
6:59 pm
talked about point of view. you'd be surprised how much they already knew. >> lindy runs the photography club. >> in a primarily african-american school, i think it's really important to be able to kind of learn about their culture and to focus on others who were here before them. >> the project also seemed to help them think about their future. >> i want to be a fashion model. >> a football play. >> a teacher or a doctor. >> craig melvin, news 4. >> that is very cl. what an honor to be even mentioned in that pantheon. >> you think you want to offer them a better picture of you? you look kind of cranky. >> i don't have a better picture of me. i would love to. none of them said they wanted to be a broadcaster? >> iid notice. >> they want to do better. >> business school, folks.


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